Typical dog owner mistakes

Lot of people choose to adopt a dog first, and only then learn how to treat him right. On the one hand, that makes sense, because the best way how to learn something is from your own experience, but it often leads to some serious mistakes. There are some very common mistakes most of the new dog owners make.

Lot of new dog owners doesn’t train their dogs until serious behavioral problems appear. That is the main reason why so many dogs end up in a shelter. That is really sad, because it can be prevented very easily. Don must be trained from the very first day he enters the house. There must be regular straining to tech dog the basic commands. If you do that, dog won’t listen to you. He wont respond to your calls, won’t calm down when you ask to, won’t go with a leash etc. When you will realize that it is very disturbing, it will be too late for effective training.

Also very typical mistake is lack of hygienic procedures. Most of the new dog owners think that dogs can clean themselves and they don’t need to be cleaned, but that can cause some serious diseases and bad smell. Dogs need to take a bath least once in a week to remove allergens and bacteria from the skin. Also dogs teeth, ears and paws needs some special cleaning.

Very serious mistake is wrong feeding. Most of the dog owners just put some food into the dogs bowl and wait for him to eat everything. That is very wrong method. Dogs doesn’t know how much food they need, so if you put some food in the bowl for the whole day, he will probably eat everything at once. That can lead to overweight and some eating disorders. You should first talk to the vet to find out how much food is appropriate for your dog and also what kind of food he needs. Some of the dog breeds even must be fed several times in the day in specific times.

Also lack of exercises can lead to health problems. Taking dog for a few minute walk once a day is not enough. Most of the dog owners doesn’t have enough time to ensure appropriate workout for the dog. That is exactly why the decision about adopting the dog must be considered very carefully. If you take a dog, be prepared to spend at least one hour outside.

And the lat mistake is not giving enough love to the dog. Any animal needs affection from the owner. Most of the owners think that petting the dog is not an obligation but rather an entertainment, but dogs can get aggressive if they doesn’t get love. It is very important, so if you are usually in a bad mood and don’t have enough time to dedicate to a dog, better don’t adopt one in a first place.

If you have a dog, make sure you don’t make these mistakes. Although they all might seem unimportant for most of the people, they can lead to some very serious problems. Better search for some information before adopting a dog, otherwise that can turn out to be a bad experience for both you and your dog.