Tips for new dog owners

Owning a dog takes a huge responsibility, because than you have to fully take care of live being. If you have decided to become a dog owner, you should be aware of lot of things. You have to be ready that there will be some adjustments needed and also the dog itself will need some special care. Follow these advices to make your first days and also the entire time with the new friend as easy and pleasurable as possible.

You will need to prepare your home for dogs needs before bringing it home. Make sure there is safe and appropriate environment for a dog. If you have some plants that might be poison, remove them or put somewhere dog won’t be able to get them. Also remove small objects that dog could start to chew. Definitely make sure all the furniture is stabile and there is no possibility to drop something fragile. Think of all the objects that might be potentially dangerous.

When the place is safe, arrange it for the dog. The dog will need to eat, drink, sleep and play within the first day its stays with you, so be sure you have bowls for food and water, bed or a place for sleeping and some toys to play with. Also it would be wise to buy dog shampoo, brush, strap and other things that dog will later need. Consider if there are no special needs in your exact case, because different dogs need different care.

If everything is ready for welcoming the dog, also take care for the dog itself. Take the dog to the vet, even if it’s a dog from certified kennel. Even if the dog is completely healthy you have to make that sure, beside dog will need some vaccinations and medicine for prophylaxis. Vet can also suggest the best care for your dog. Just show the dog to vet and he will know exactly what to do next.

When the dog is finally home, you should start to train it. Start slowly, with simple socialization. Bring him out to the park and show around. If you won’t do that, dog will get used to being alone and will be afraid of people and other animals. Also use the strap as soon as possible, otherwise dog might not want to walk with it.

When the dog is get used to you, the new home and his daily routine, you can start more complicated trainings that includes all kind of commands. The sooner you will start the trainings, the best results you will get. It would be better to start trainings together with professional kenneling, so you would know the best methods of training and also could make effective training program.

So when it’s all done, you can fully enjoy the time together with your new best friend. If you take care of the dog and do everything to make him happy, be sure you will get even more love beck.