Dealing with summer heat: How to help your dog to feel comfortable during summer?

In summer, the air can heat up to 30 C and it can get quite unpleasant not only for humans, but also for our furry friends – dogs. If humans can just wear something breezier, use ear conditioning and have a nice cool drink, then dogs don’t have so much options, unless we are not helping them. To make your dog feel comfortable even at the hottest days, use the following methods (taken from billigste kviklån fra

Take care of dog’s coat

Although the dog’s fur has a great thermoregulation, it needs some care to ensure that. Only if the coat is clean and tidy, the fur will help the dog to feel cool and won’t cause any problems. That is why you need to brush out extra fluff and give your dog a cut if it necessary. Some breeds need regular cuts, otherwise the fur will get dirty and matted. Just don’t shave off the fur for dogs with long, thick. tidy coats. You might think that it is a good idea, but the coat protects the dog from sunburns. If the coat looks good, it doesn’t need a cut. Better consult with wet before doing any fur cutting or shaving.

Ensure your dog can have a nice swim

Dogs, just like humans, like to have some swim or splash during the hot summer days. It is not recommended to let dogs in lakes or rivers, unless you know your dog is a great swimmer, but you should give your dog an opportunity to get wet. If you have a yard, you can put there a small kids pool or just a bowl with water. Also let your dog to run around sprinklers. If your dog lives in an apartment , give it a nice, cold shower at least once a day.

Keep your dog hydrated

The most important thing is to make sure your dog always has a bowl of water. In a hot summer day, even a small dog, can drink few liters of water. If you can’t ensure regular fill up, buy a bigger bowl, because your dog really need that water to drink Sammenligne sms lån nu. Dogs can have a heat stroke or dehydration if there is not enough of water supplied. You can also add some ice cubes to the drinking water, to make sure your dog always gets fresh, cool water.

Use a cooling collar

There is such thing as cooling collar invented as well. It is a plastic collar filled with cooling gel that can get cooled by putting it into a freezer. The collar won’t freeze up, but it will be nice and cool for some time. The dog will feel chilled and you won’t have to worry so much about your dog feeling hot.

What to do if your dog is a picky eater?

Most of the dogs’ love to eat. They can eat almost everything that comes in their way. Some others, however, are very picky and eat only certain type pf dog food or even only meat and human food. It can be quite expensive to by only high-quality meat for your dog and also it is not good for the dog’s health, because there are all the nutrition and vitamins needed for the dog in a dog food. If your dog is too picky and won’t eat what you give, try to use these tips.

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Take your dog to the vet

Before trying anything else, you should take your dog to the vet, especially if the picky eating is something new. Picky eating can be a symptom of a serious health problems. Maybe your dog has just lost the appetite, because he is not feeling well. Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell us what’s wrong with them, so better go and check.

Don’t give your dog fatty human foods

A problem of picky eating might be caused by wrong feeding. It is fine to give the dog human food, such as raw or boiled meat, grains and beans, vegetables etc., but don’t give your dog unhealthy, fried foods, cakes and other similar things. First of all, it can cause digestive problems and second of all, your dg might get used to this kind of food, because it has stronger taste and he won’t go back to dog food or healthy human food.

Don’t let the dog associate human food as dog food

As it was mentioned before, it is fine to give your dog some of the products that human eat instead of canned dog food, but be sure, you keep that food separated. If dog gets used to that you give him food from your plate he will start to associate the food you eat as dog food and will ask for it every time you have a meal. Then it might be difficult to make your dog eat dog food again.

Don’t feed your dog too often

Dogs, just like humans, are less picky when they are hungry. You probably also wouldn’t like to eat some simple food, if you have already eaten a lot, but you wouldn’t say no to a tasty snack. It is the same with dogs – Maybe your dog just isn’t hungry enough to eat the dog food, but he wouldn’t give up a snack. Make your dog a feeding schedule and stick to it. Then the dog will be less picky, because any food is good when you’re hungry.

How to deal with separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is very common dog problem. Dogs need attention and affection, if they can’t have it, they start to act inappropriate. It can cause some serious problems and can damage the bound between the pet and its owner. Also, neighbors and other people who are linked with this problem might be unsatisfied and in many cases, owner needs to give the dog away creditos inmediatos. The good news is that, it is possible to deal with this problem, but the owner needs to understand the root of the problem and take some actions while it is not too late.
How to know if your dog has separation anxiety?

First the owner must know either the dog has separation anxiety or he just have some behavioral problems. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety usually bark, whine, howl, chew things and do other inappropriate things when they are left alone. These things happen not only when the owner has left home, but also when the owner is not able to give the dog attention that he needs. If dog is acting like that all the time, it is not separation anxiety, but rather behavioral problems which can be fixed by some trainings. Also, if dog is doing just one of the things mentioned, that can point out to some health issues. For example, chewing things might men dog gave some teeth or gum problems. In, short, you can know for sure, your dog has separation anxiety if he acts a lot differently when you are not home or when you are not paying attention to him.

Why dogs have this problem?

Next step to solving the problem is understanding, why that is happening? Dogs with separation anxiety are usually extremely attached to their owners. They feel very lonely when no one is playing with them or paying some attention to them. It all happens just because dog needs some company. Dogs are public entities and they just can’t feel god when there is no one around. That means simple trainings won’t give any results. It is psychological problem, so it must be solved with other methods

How to deal with separation anxiety?

The separation anxiety is usually causing a lot of problems, so this is the question many dog owners are asking. One of the option is to place a dog in a day care. That is what most of the dog owners are trying to do – find someone who will play with de dog while owner is gone. On one hand, that really is a quick solution, but on the other hand it only causes some more problems. That way dog gets used to the idea that there is always someone with him and the separation anxiety will only increase. That means you will always need someone who watches after your dog. Otherwise he will act crazy every time no one is home.

The correct way, how to deal with this problem is making the dog used to being alone. Dog owners usually don’t go this way, because it means some trouble at the beginning. The dog won’t get used to being alone in one day. In fact, that might even take many months, but at least after that you will be able to leave your dog alone any time, with no problem. To make this process easier, at the beginning you can leave some toys for your dog, so he wouldn’t chew other stuff. Also, you can create separate area for your dog, so he wouldn’t cause so much trouble. Also, reward your dog for good, calm behavior. If you come home and see that your dog has been acting good, give him a snack.

Dogs are very smart, they just need some affection just like all of us. If you sometimes can’t give that to your dog, make him understand that you will do it as soon as you can. Paly with your dog when you have time for that and make him, but also make him understand that such a bad behavior is not acceptable.

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Signs that you need to hire a dog trainer

Many dog owners don’t even know that their dogs are having some serious behavioral issues that can be solved only by taking them to a professional dog trainer. It is nothing bad or unacceptable, but these problems can’t be ignored, because it is almost impossible to solve them without special knowledge and experience. Here are some of the most typical signs that your dog needs a help from a professional dog trainer.

Growling is a thing that many dogs do. If it doesn’t go further than that, dog owners just accept it as natural sign of defense, but actually it might be the first sign of aggression, which means sooner or later the dog might even bite or show other, more serious signs of aggression. If your dog is growling or nipping, take him to the dog trainer as soon as possible. The dog trainer will be able to tell is it an early sign of aggression that might progress or just a natural habit. If it is sign of aggression, you will need a further training course to prevent it.

Escaping is another serious problem that many dog owners don’t really consider as something extraordinary, but it might lead to serious problems for both, your dog, and other people or animals. It really is natural instinct that most of the dogs have, but it still must be exceeded. If your dog escapes from home, he can run on the street or hurt himself in other ways. Also the dog can get scared and attack to other people or other dogs. The natural instincts are hard to exterminate, so only dog trainer will be able to do something about it.

Pulling on leash is a thing that most of the dogs do when they are young and not used to that, but if the dog keeps doing that for years, it might be more serious problem than just stupefaction. First of all, it can cause problems by itself as you are not able to control your dog during the walk and he can attack or escape, but also it can turn into an overall willingness to control you all the time. Owner must be the one who controls the dog, not opposite.. Make sure things are how they are supposed to be and see a trainer.

All these behavioral problems seem minor and usually are ignored, but they can turn into something lot more serious in a short period of time. In best case the dog owners try to prevent them by themselves, but if they don’t fully understand the problem and its causes, there is a really small chance the owner will be able to do something about it. Even more – it can lead to more serious problems, because of wrong training methods. If you see any of these signs in your dog, better see the professional dog trainer to make sure your dog won’t have any serious problems in the future.

Typical dog owner mistakes

Lot of people choose to adopt a dog first, and only then learn how to treat him right. On the one hand, that makes sense, because the best way how to learn something is from your own experience, but it often leads to some serious mistakes. There are some very common mistakes most of the new dog owners make.

Lot of new dog owners doesn’t train their dogs until serious behavioral problems appear. That is the main reason why so many dogs end up in a shelter. That is really sad, because it can be prevented very easily. Don must be trained from the very first day he enters the house. There must be regular straining to tech dog the basic commands. If you do that, dog won’t listen to you. He wont respond to your calls, won’t calm down when you ask to, won’t go with a leash etc. When you will realize that it is very disturbing, it will be too late for effective training.

Also very typical mistake is lack of hygienic procedures. Most of the new dog owners think that dogs can clean themselves and they don’t need to be cleaned, but that can cause some serious diseases and bad smell. Dogs need to take a bath least once in a week to remove allergens and bacteria from the skin. Also dogs teeth, ears and paws needs some special cleaning.

Very serious mistake is wrong feeding. Most of the dog owners just put some food into the dogs bowl and wait for him to eat everything. That is very wrong method. Dogs doesn’t know how much food they need, so if you put some food in the bowl for the whole day, he will probably eat everything at once. That can lead to overweight and some eating disorders. You should first talk to the vet to find out how much food is appropriate for your dog and also what kind of food he needs. Some of the dog breeds even must be fed several times in the day in specific times.

Also lack of exercises can lead to health problems. Taking dog for a few minute walk once a day is not enough. Most of the dog owners doesn’t have enough time to ensure appropriate workout for the dog. That is exactly why the decision about adopting the dog must be considered very carefully. If you take a dog, be prepared to spend at least one hour outside.

And the lat mistake is not giving enough love to the dog. Any animal needs affection from the owner. Most of the owners think that petting the dog is not an obligation but rather an entertainment, but dogs can get aggressive if they doesn’t get love. It is very important, so if you are usually in a bad mood and don’t have enough time to dedicate to a dog, better don’t adopt one in a first place.

If you have a dog, make sure you don’t make these mistakes. Although they all might seem unimportant for most of the people, they can lead to some very serious problems. Better search for some information before adopting a dog, otherwise that can turn out to be a bad experience for both you and your dog.

Tips for new dog owners

Owning a dog takes a huge responsibility, because than you have to fully take care of live being. If you have decided to become a dog owner, you should be aware of lot of things. You have to be ready that there will be some adjustments needed and also the dog itself will need some special care. Follow these advices to make your first days and also the entire time with the new friend as easy and pleasurable as possible.

You will need to prepare your home for dogs needs before bringing it home. Make sure there is safe and appropriate environment for a dog. If you have some plants that might be poison, remove them or put somewhere dog won’t be able to get them. Also remove small objects that dog could start to chew. Definitely make sure all the furniture is stabile and there is no possibility to drop something fragile. Think of all the objects that might be potentially dangerous.

When the place is safe, arrange it for the dog. The dog will need to eat, drink, sleep and play within the first day its stays with you, so be sure you have bowls for food and water, bed or a place for sleeping and some toys to play with. Also it would be wise to buy dog shampoo, brush, strap and other things that dog will later need. Consider if there are no special needs in your exact case, because different dogs need different care.

If everything is ready for welcoming the dog, also take care for the dog itself. Take the dog to the vet, even if it’s a dog from certified kennel. Even if the dog is completely healthy you have to make that sure, beside dog will need some vaccinations and medicine for prophylaxis. Vet can also suggest the best care for your dog. Just show the dog to vet and he will know exactly what to do next.

When the dog is finally home, you should start to train it. Start slowly, with simple socialization. Bring him out to the park and show around. If you won’t do that, dog will get used to being alone and will be afraid of people and other animals. Also use the strap as soon as possible, otherwise dog might not want to walk with it.

When the dog is get used to you, the new home and his daily routine, you can start more complicated trainings that includes all kind of commands. The sooner you will start the trainings, the best results you will get. It would be better to start trainings together with professional kenneling, so you would know the best methods of training and also could make effective training program.

So when it’s all done, you can fully enjoy the time together with your new best friend. If you take care of the dog and do everything to make him happy, be sure you will get even more love beck.