Preventative health care for dogs

Dogs can have different diseases and health problems just like human. Most of these health problems can be prevented if dog owner takes care of his pet regally. There are many different procedures dog owner should know about and provide to his dog. Here are some of the most important preventative health care procedures every dog owner should be aware of.

1. Regular health checks from the vet

Most of the health problems, for example, låne penger, only vet can diagnose, so make sure you take your dog to the vet regularly. Defiantly take your dog to the vet when you adopt him, so the vet could tell either he has some genetical diseases or not. If your dog has some issues, the vet will create a treatment plan and then there will be a need to take the dog to the vet a lot more often, but if everything is fine, you should do it at least once a year. Dogs are aging a lot faster than humans, so also diseases progress faster. Better make sure your dog is healthy, because for neglected diseases the treatment might be very unpleasant and expensive.

2. Be aware of typical problems for the specific breed

Each breed has different health issues. For example, flat nosed dogs such as pugs usually have upper respiratory tract infections and lån på dagen. Deep chested dogs can have some weight problems. Hairy, fuzzy dogs can have skin problems and skin parasites. If you will be aware of problems for your breed, you will know to what you should pay more attention. Also, your vet can help you to figure out what are potential health problems for your breed and how to successfully prevent them.

3. Vaccination

Every dog must be vaccinated. The most important vaccines such as vaccine against rabies is an obligation in most countries, but many vaccines are owners’ free choice. Usually puppies need to be vaccinated at 6-8 weeks, and again at 10-12 weeks. After that there are annual vaccines. Actually, owner just need to take the dog to the vet and he will tell what kind of vaccines are available and what might be the complications from them. Then owner can decide whether he wants to get his dog vaccinated or not.

4. Prevarication of internal parasites

Each and every dog can have internal parasites. It doesn’t matter how often you wash him and what kind of food you give him, there is still possibility to get worms if you haven’t done any prevarication. You should first give your dog pills against internal parasites when he’s about 2 weeks old and that should be done fortnightly until 12 weeks. Than for half a year that should be done once in a month and then every 3 months. There is also annual injection available, but that will not work for all the parasites.

5. Prevarication of fleas and ticks

Also, fleas, forbrukslån, and ticks are very common problems for dogs. All the dogs need to go out where these parasites live and the fur of the dog is the best place for them to live. Luckily, there are many methods how to prevent this problem. One of the most common is collars which protect the animals against external parasites. Also there are many insecticides available that put off the parasites, but doesn’t do any harm to you or your dog.