How to notice early aggression signs in a dog?

Aggression is natural behavior of any wild animal. As dogs are being domesticated form wild, it is normal that dogs are sometimes protective towards someone who endangers them, but sometimes this protection can lead to aggression, which however can lead to serious problems. Unfortunately many dog owners can’t recognize early signs of aggression and it can lead to extreme aggression which gets as biting, uncontrolled barking and attacking to everyone including the owner itself. If you notice any of following signs of aggression in your dog, better take him to professional dog trainer as soon as possible.

First sign is growling. Actually lot of animals are growling to keep other animals away from them and it is a sign that animal is angry and ready to attack. Growling is used for self defense. Dog owners usually consider it as a norm, because they think it is just a way how dog let everyone see he is unsatisfied wit something. Every dog owner needs to know that it is not a norm and this is a first sign that dog might actually attack and start to bite soon. If your dog is growling in any situation, take him to professional dog trainer and solve this problem in its root.

Next step in aggression is nipping. That means biting the air or biting without actual contact with someone. This definitely means that dog is ready to attack and bite if he won’t be satisfied with something. Also nipping is used for self defense, but it is more dangerous than growling, because dog might actually bite. If you have noticed that your dog is nipping, look for some professional help. Even if something like that has happened only few times, it is not a norm and you must make sure it won’t happen ever again and that it definitely won’t progress and lead to extreme aggression.

And the last sign is actual biting. In most cases biting already means that dog is aggressive and there might be no chance to change that, but in some cases it is not too late. If your dog has bite someone, look for some professional trainers. If it is just one time, you can still change your dog’s attitude. You must understand reasons for this aggression and find out what you can do to stop that. Just remember that you can’t ignore this kind of aggression. If you will just forgive it to your dog, he might repeat it over and over again until he will be so aggressive, euthanasia will be the only option.

Just take any signs of aggression very serious. Don’t consider any aggression as a norm, because in almost any case aggression becomes only stronger within time. If you will wait too long for rehabilitation, your dog might become too aggressive for society and then there will be no chance to change him anymore. Protect yourself and your dog from the worst scenario and look for professional help in case of any kind of aggression.

How to deal with common behavioral problems in dogs?

Every dog can have some behavioral problems. That doesn’t mean your dog is bad or that you are a bad dog owner, it just means you have missed some training. In most cases all the behavioral problems can be prevented with simple extra training. Here is a list of most common behavioral problems in dogs and ways how to prevent them.

The first problem is jumping. Actually with jumping dogs show how excited they are and it is the way how they greet their owners and other people. So dogs doesn’t mean anything bad with that, but the problem is that jumping might be very unpleasant in many situations. For example, no one wants to hug a dog with dirty feet beside dogs can harm people this way. If your dog also like to greet you this way, show that you don’t like it. Cross your and say “no”. Your dog should get it after few times. If you doesn’t want your dog to feel bad, you can pet him when he has calmed down.

Another quite common problem is not coming when dog is being called. Recall is the basic command every dog should know and listen to. Even those dogs who have never had any special training, usually now this command. If your dog is not recalling there might be different reasons for that. Maybe your dog is having some hearing problems. So if this problem has started suddenly, take your dog to the vet. If your dogs hearing is fine, it is behavioral problem. Your dog is interested in something else, so he just doesn’t come to you, although he hears you calling and knows what you want. It is hard to prevent this problem without getting harsh, so better see professional dog trainer. The trainer will find a good solution without getting violent.

Lot of dogs don’t want to follow the leash as well. Also following the leash is basic thing every dog should be aware of, because in populated place every dog must walk on a loose to not endanger people and other animals. Walking a dog that doesn’t want to follow can be very hard, but the good thing is that every dog can be easily taught to do it. Just keep the loose strong in your hands ad pull the dog a bit if he’s walking in wrong direction. Jut make sure you are gentle and don’t harm your dog. Choose shorter leash so it would be easier to control the dog.

And the last thing is separation anxiety. Just like the jumping, also separation anxiety actually is way of dealing with the emotions. It just means dog is missing the owner. That might even seem as a good thing, but the problem is that separation anxiety can lead to all kind of damages. Dog feels bad so he starts to bite the furniture and rive everything he sees. Some dogs even run away. There can be lot of negative consequences to that. Unfortunately even professional dog trainers haven’t figure out how to deal with this problem. Most common method for now is lot of activities so dog can expand all the energy by doing other things.

There are also other behavioral problems that dog owners might need to deal with. No matter why these problems are caused, you must need to make your dog understand that you doesn’t like it and that he should change that. If there is no recall, better use a help from professional dog trainer.

Dog breeds that get along with children

Many children wish they had a dog. There is no better playmate or children than a dog, because they are loyal, active and playful. Beside the entertaining benefits of owning a dog, there also is some other gaining. Owning a dog teaches the responsibility and consistency. It is great if your child has someone to love and take care of, but you should be careful when it comes to choosing the dog. Although they all look cute and lovely, some dog breeds don’t get along with children, so choose wisely. Here is the list with dog breeds that get along with children great and can become their best friends forever.

First one is English bulldog. Although bulldogs don’t look like the friendliest dogs, they really are loyal communicable and playful. When they are puppies they are very energetic, but they calm down when getting older. That means bulldog would be great friend for smaller children, because at the beginning they will be able to play all the time together and when children will get a bit older and have more interests they will be able to send a little less time together. The biggest disadvantage for this breed is the difficult care. They have many curves and they should be wiped every day, so there wouldn’t be any infections. Bulldogs also get sick quite often, so consider if you will have enough time to take care of bulldog appropriately.

Next one is beagle. The appearances of this dog speak for itself. They are little, cute, lovely animals and they get along with children great. They are happy to be around the people and always will be ready to play some games. If you think your children would love to become an owner of a beagle, make sure you will be able to watch them. Beagles must be trained. If that’s not done properly, they will become overprotective and hyperactive. Also check if the children are not giving too much food to these dogs, otherwise beagle will get overweight soon.

Newfoundland also will be a good friend to children. They are very communicable and friendly even with strangers. Also they are patient so Newfoundland will also make friends with small children, who can sometimes be obtrusive. These dogs are quiet big, so if you want to become an owner of Newfoundland, make sure you will have plenty of space. Also these dogs needs daily brushing, otherwise they can get shaggy.

Lot of people might be surprised, but also bullterriers are great with children. Although they are used in dog fights and considered to be very aggressive, that’s not their true character. Any dong gen get aggressive if they are treated wrong way. Bullterriers are actually very friendly and active. The best thing about these dogs is that they are muscular and won’t get harmed even if children will play a bit rough with it. Also t is easy to take care of this breed. Daily food and exercise is all that bullterrier needs.

Collie is one of the most loyal dog breeds. They are very smart and intelligent by nature so it is easy to train them. Of course, they are also gracious and beautiful. With children they are very gentle. They won’t play roughly and won’t be bothering, but at the same time will love to spend some time together. Because of the long fur, collies need some extra brushing and washing.

Tips for new dog owners

Owning a dog takes a huge responsibility, because than you have to fully take care of live being. If you have decided to become a dog owner, you should be aware of lot of things. You have to be ready that there will be some adjustments needed and also the dog itself will need some special care. Follow these advices to make your first days and also the entire time with the new friend as easy and pleasurable as possible.

You will need to prepare your home for dogs needs before bringing it home. Make sure there is safe and appropriate environment for a dog. If you have some plants that might be poison, remove them or put somewhere dog won’t be able to get them. Also remove small objects that dog could start to chew. Definitely make sure all the furniture is stabile and there is no possibility to drop something fragile. Think of all the objects that might be potentially dangerous.

When the place is safe, arrange it for the dog. The dog will need to eat, drink, sleep and play within the first day its stays with you, so be sure you have bowls for food and water, bed or a place for sleeping and some toys to play with. Also it would be wise to buy dog shampoo, brush, strap and other things that dog will later need. Consider if there are no special needs in your exact case, because different dogs need different care.

If everything is ready for welcoming the dog, also take care for the dog itself. Take the dog to the vet, even if it’s a dog from certified kennel. Even if the dog is completely healthy you have to make that sure, beside dog will need some vaccinations and medicine for prophylaxis. Vet can also suggest the best care for your dog. Just show the dog to vet and he will know exactly what to do next.

When the dog is finally home, you should start to train it. Start slowly, with simple socialization. Bring him out to the park and show around. If you won’t do that, dog will get used to being alone and will be afraid of people and other animals. Also use the strap as soon as possible, otherwise dog might not want to walk with it.

When the dog is get used to you, the new home and his daily routine, you can start more complicated trainings that includes all kind of commands. The sooner you will start the trainings, the best results you will get. It would be better to start trainings together with professional kenneling, so you would know the best methods of training and also could make effective training program.

So when it’s all done, you can fully enjoy the time together with your new best friend. If you take care of the dog and do everything to make him happy, be sure you will get even more love beck.

Why dogs are man’s best friends?

There is often said that dog is a man’s best friend. No other pet owns this title, although there are many animals domesticated throughout time. Why exactly dogs are called that? Actually there are many good reasons for that.

Overall answer to that question would be – because dogs have lot of characteristics that no other being on this planet has. If human had characteristics of a dog, this place would be a lot better place at every possible way. Then people would treat each other a lot better and worthier.

Of course, the first and most important characteristic of a good friend is the loyalty and there is no one more loyal than a dog. They will never leave the owner on purpose, especially if they are treated well. Of course, there are cases when dogs escape, but those are separate situations that can usually be explained with some physical needs of a dog or confusion. In normal circumstances dogs are very loyal to their owners and people in general.

Also it is proved that dogs are not able to hold a grudge for a long time. It’s not just a characteristic that some dogs have and some don’t, but an actual physical lack of feeling the anger for more than few minutes. It is related to the dogs’ memory. Although, dogs have very good memory, in this case it works differently. That means dog will be your friend even after you have hurt him. Anyone else won’t forgive that easy.

Dogs can feel the emotions of a person. That is also proved fact. If the dogs’ owner feels sad, dog will probably go to him and try to comfort him. When the owner is happy, dog will also be cheerful and willing to play. That is because dogs have very strong intuition just like wild animals. However, this skill differs a lot by many dog breeds and also individual.

Dogs are also very smart and that makes them better friends than other animals. Of course, it is lot more enjoyable to spend time with someone who is intelligent. Although dogs are not fully reasonably thinking beings as humans, in some aspects their brain works even better than humans. That is what we can often watch how dogs come up with sneaky plans to get what they want. Dogs also understand the demands and if the dog is trained, he will do what you want.

And the last proof of dogs’ superiority over any other beings is that they are always happy to see you. No matter what you have done or how you feel, dog will always be cheerful, when you comes home. That gives the dog owner loud of positive emotions and he can become happy as well, no matter what.

So now you see that dog has fairly earned this title – man’s best friend. Although other animals have a lot of great characteristics and qualities as well, none of them can beat dogs.