How to notice early aggression signs in a dog?

Aggression is natural behavior of any wild animal. As dogs are being domesticated form wild, it is normal that dogs are sometimes protective towards someone who endangers them, but sometimes this protection can lead to aggression, which however can lead to serious problems. Unfortunately many dog owners can’t recognize early signs of aggression and it can lead to extreme aggression which gets as biting, uncontrolled barking and attacking to everyone including the owner itself. If you notice any of following signs of aggression in your dog, better take him to professional dog trainer as soon as possible.

First sign is growling. Actually lot of animals are growling to keep other animals away from them and it is a sign that animal is angry and ready to attack. Growling is used for self defense. Dog owners usually consider it as a norm, because they think it is just a way how dog let everyone see he is unsatisfied wit something. Every dog owner needs to know that it is not a norm and this is a first sign that dog might actually attack and start to bite soon. If your dog is growling in any situation, take him to professional dog trainer and solve this problem in its root.

Next step in aggression is nipping. That means biting the air or biting without actual contact with someone. This definitely means that dog is ready to attack and bite if he won’t be satisfied with something. Also nipping is used for self defense, but it is more dangerous than growling, because dog might actually bite. If you have noticed that your dog is nipping, look for some professional help. Even if something like that has happened only few times, it is not a norm and you must make sure it won’t happen ever again and that it definitely won’t progress and lead to extreme aggression.

And the last sign is actual biting. In most cases biting already means that dog is aggressive and there might be no chance to change that, but in some cases it is not too late. If your dog has bite someone, look for some professional trainers. If it is just one time, you can still change your dog’s attitude. You must understand reasons for this aggression and find out what you can do to stop that. Just remember that you can’t ignore this kind of aggression. If you will just forgive it to your dog, he might repeat it over and over again until he will be so aggressive, euthanasia will be the only option.

Just take any signs of aggression very serious. Don’t consider any aggression as a norm, because in almost any case aggression becomes only stronger within time. If you will wait too long for rehabilitation, your dog might become too aggressive for society and then there will be no chance to change him anymore. Protect yourself and your dog from the worst scenario and look for professional help in case of any kind of aggression.