How to choose a perfect dog for you?

Taking a dog itself is very responsible decision, but if you have already decided to take a dog, there will be a need to take some serious decisions also afterwards. Nowadays there are very different dog breeds available pikalaina and also each dog have some individual characteristics. You must find a dog that will be a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Here are some advice how to make this responsible decision.

First you must choose dog breed pikavippi ilman luottotietoja. Each dog breed have different characteristics. It doesn’t only refers to pure breed dogs, but to each and every dog. If dog has mixed breed you must evaluate the dogs parents’ breeds characteristics. As the list of dog breeds is very long, it won’t be possible to describe them all in one article, but there is loud of information available from many different sources. Just choose the breeds that you like and search for their characteristics, needs, treatment, relationship with humans and other animals and other aspects. If that all seems suitable for you than you have found your perfect breed, but that is not all.

The next thing you should be aware of is the age of the dog. Many people wants to take puppies, because they are lovely and cute, beside you can teach them everything by yourself. On one hand it’s a good thing, because you can make sure the dog is having some serious training and he will grow up decent and obedient, but you have to be ready to dedicate a lot of time for that. Puppies asks for lot more attention than grown up dogs. If you don’t have too much time for raising and training a dog, it would be a better choice to take older dog. You can be sure that older dogs also will be more calm and there wont be a need to watch him all the time.

When you have clear vision about your dogs’ breed and age, you must see different dogs in life. Like it was mentioned before, each dog is a little bit different if they have one breed and the same age. Some dog owners even say that you will feel if the exact dog is meant for you or not. Just spend some time with different dogs and make a total decision based on your feelings. No matter if you are taking dog from an animal shelter or kennel, make sure you have a chance to meet the dog before actually adopting it.

Make sure you dedicate enough time for this decision not just take the first dog you see. All the dogs are great, but you won’t have a good relationship with your dog if his characteristics are not suitable for your lifestyle. Choose a dog that you like, but keep in mind that most important thing is dogs character.

Why dogs are man’s best friends?

There is often said that dog is a man’s best friend. No other pet owns this title, although there are many animals domesticated throughout time. Why exactly dogs are called that? Actually there are many good reasons for that.

Overall answer to that question would be – because dogs have lot of characteristics that no other being on this planet has. If human had characteristics of a dog, this place would be a lot better place at every possible way. Then people would treat each other a lot better and worthier.

Of course, the first and most important characteristic of a good friend is the loyalty and there is no one more loyal than a dog. They will never leave the owner on purpose, especially if they are treated well. Of course, there are cases when dogs escape, but those are separate situations that can usually be explained with some physical needs of a dog or confusion. In normal circumstances dogs are very loyal to their owners and people in general.

Also it is proved that dogs are not able to hold a grudge for a long time. It’s not just a characteristic that some dogs have and some don’t, but an actual physical lack of feeling the anger for more than few minutes. It is related to the dogs’ memory. Although, dogs have very good memory, in this case it works differently. That means dog will be your friend even after you have hurt him. Anyone else won’t forgive that easy.

Dogs can feel the emotions of a person. That is also proved fact. If the dogs’ owner feels sad, dog will probably go to him and try to comfort him. When the owner is happy, dog will also be cheerful and willing to play. That is because dogs have very strong intuition just like wild animals. However, this skill differs a lot by many dog breeds and also individual.

Dogs are also very smart and that makes them better friends than other animals. Of course, it is lot more enjoyable to spend time with someone who is intelligent. Although dogs are not fully reasonably thinking beings as humans, in some aspects their brain works even better than humans. That is what we can often watch how dogs come up with sneaky plans to get what they want. Dogs also understand the demands and if the dog is trained, he will do what you want.

And the last proof of dogs’ superiority over any other beings is that they are always happy to see you. No matter what you have done or how you feel, dog will always be cheerful, when you comes home. That gives the dog owner loud of positive emotions and he can become happy as well, no matter what.

So now you see that dog has fairly earned this title – man’s best friend. Although other animals have a lot of great characteristics and qualities as well, none of them can beat dogs.