What to do if your dog is a picky eater?

Most of the dogs’ love to eat. They can eat almost everything that comes in their way. Some others, however, are very picky and eat only certain type pf dog food or even only meat and human food. It can be quite expensive to by only high-quality meat for your dog and also it is not good for the dog’s health, because there are all the nutrition and vitamins needed for the dog in a dog food. If your dog is too picky and won’t eat what you give, try to use these tips.

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Take your dog to the vet

Before trying anything else, you should take your dog to the vet, especially if the picky eating is something new. Picky eating can be a symptom of a serious health problems. Maybe your dog has just lost the appetite, because he is not feeling well. Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell us what’s wrong with them, so better go and check.

Don’t give your dog fatty human foods

A problem of picky eating might be caused by wrong feeding. It is fine to give the dog human food, such as raw or boiled meat, grains and beans, vegetables etc., but don’t give your dog unhealthy, fried foods, cakes and other similar things. First of all, it can cause digestive problems and second of all, your dg might get used to this kind of food, because it has stronger taste and he won’t go back to dog food or healthy human food.

Don’t let the dog associate human food as dog food

As it was mentioned before, it is fine to give your dog some of the products that human eat instead of canned dog food, but be sure, you keep that food separated. If dog gets used to that you give him food from your plate he will start to associate the food you eat as dog food and will ask for it every time you have a meal. Then it might be difficult to make your dog eat dog food again.

Don’t feed your dog too often

Dogs, just like humans, are less picky when they are hungry. You probably also wouldn’t like to eat some simple food, if you have already eaten a lot, but you wouldn’t say no to a tasty snack. It is the same with dogs – mcredit.mx. Maybe your dog just isn’t hungry enough to eat the dog food, but he wouldn’t give up a snack. Make your dog a feeding schedule and stick to it. Then the dog will be less picky, because any food is good when you’re hungry.