Dog breeds that get along with children

Many children wish they had a dog. There is no better playmate or children than a dog, because they are loyal, active and playful. Beside the entertaining benefits of owning a dog, there also is some other gaining. Owning a dog teaches the responsibility and consistency. It is great if your child has someone to love and take care of, but you should be careful when it comes to choosing the dog. Although they all look cute and lovely, some dog breeds don’t get along with children, so choose wisely. Here is the list with dog breeds that get along with children great and can become their best friends forever.

First one is English bulldog. Although bulldogs don’t look like the friendliest dogs, they really are loyal communicable and playful. When they are puppies they are very energetic, but they calm down when getting older. That means bulldog would be great friend for smaller children, because at the beginning they will be able to play all the time together and when children will get a bit older and have more interests they will be able to send a little less time together. The biggest disadvantage for this breed is the difficult care. They have many curves and they should be wiped every day, so there wouldn’t be any infections. Bulldogs also get sick quite often, so consider if you will have enough time to take care of bulldog appropriately.

Next one is beagle. The appearances of this dog speak for itself. They are little, cute, lovely animals and they get along with children great. They are happy to be around the people and always will be ready to play some games. If you think your children would love to become an owner of a beagle, make sure you will be able to watch them. Beagles must be trained. If that’s not done properly, they will become overprotective and hyperactive. Also check if the children are not giving too much food to these dogs, otherwise beagle will get overweight soon.

Newfoundland also will be a good friend to children. They are very communicable and friendly even with strangers. Also they are patient so Newfoundland will also make friends with small children, who can sometimes be obtrusive. These dogs are quiet big, so if you want to become an owner of Newfoundland, make sure you will have plenty of space. Also these dogs needs daily brushing, otherwise they can get shaggy.

Lot of people might be surprised, but also bullterriers are great with children. Although they are used in dog fights and considered to be very aggressive, that’s not their true character. Any dong gen get aggressive if they are treated wrong way. Bullterriers are actually very friendly and active. The best thing about these dogs is that they are muscular and won’t get harmed even if children will play a bit rough with it. Also t is easy to take care of this breed. Daily food and exercise is all that bullterrier needs.

Collie is one of the most loyal dog breeds. They are very smart and intelligent by nature so it is easy to train them. Of course, they are also gracious and beautiful. With children they are very gentle. They won’t play roughly and won’t be bothering, but at the same time will love to spend some time together. Because of the long fur, collies need some extra brushing and washing.