Dog breeds that are easy to train

All dogs are great pets, but they are not all the same when it comes to character and training. Some dog breeds are easier to train than others. Those people who love dogs, but who don’t have that much time for training should choose a dog breeds that are easy to train. Here are some of de dog breeds that won’t give you hard times.

Poodles are mostly considered as funny, cheerful lap dogs, but actually they are incredibly smart and intelligent. All kind of poodles can learn tricks and commands very quickly and in most cases they are very obedient. If you put in some efforts at the very beginning, you will be able to have a well trained dog that will listen to you.

Golden Retriever is a dog breed that is not the most intelligent one, but it is endowed with irresistible urge to obey the owner. They might not be able to fallow the most complicated commands and do amazing tricks, but they will definitely be obedient and will follow the most necessary commands every time. Also Golden Retrievers are the most loyal pets you could ever imagine. They will forgive all the owner’s mistakes and will be the best friends.

Collies are very easy to train, because they were originally bred to be herding dogs. They are incredibly intelligent and can follow almost any commands. Also they can be independent workers, so owner’s can even leave them alone for longer time and they won’t do anything that is not allowed. Collies also are not too energetic. They are very calm and peaceful, so owners can be sure these dogs won’t make any trouble and won’t give hard times.

German Shepherds are well known for their abilities from many movies. Actually, these dogs really are smart also in real life. There is no wonder German Shepherds work at police and other institutions. These dogs can learn very complicated commands and sometimes it is even hard to believe what these dogs can do. This breed needs daily activities and German Shepherds are very active, but if we talk about training, than these are the smartest dogs ever and you won’t need to dedicate a lot of time for that, unless you are willing to teach very complicated commands.

Papillon is a lapdog that almost looks like a toy, but despite that they are very smart. Most of the lap dogs are stubborn and with difficult characteristics, but not Papillons. They really enjoy learning so training process for these dogs really is not difficult. They are the most intelligent small dogs.

Corgis also are small dogs that are incredibly clever for their size. Especially Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi are really intelligent dogs with strong will. These dogs were bred as herding dogs so they can fallow the commands and do all kind of tasks by them own, but despite that they are very sweet and sensitive to the owners. Basic obedience for them is guaranteed.