Dog breeds that are best guards

One of the main reasons why dogs have been domesticated is because there was a need for home guard. Also nowadays dogs can be not only your friends, but also loyal home guards. Some dog breeds are very calm and friendly with everyone, but some are more aggressive with strangers. So there are some dogs breeds which are more suitable for this task than others. Here is a short list with dog breeds that will be the best home guards.

Kuvasz is not so popular dog breed, but these dogs are really great guards. They were breed to guard livestock, so there is no wonder they can protect home as well. Although they are huge, fluffy, fuzzy and cute, they can get very protective when they are being provoked. They are also very loyal, so they can be your friends and guards at the same time.

Chow Chow is another dog breed that looks very friendly and cute, but they can be aggressive as well if someone provokes them. This dog breed is very old. It is believed that they were used as guards in ancient Asia to protect sacred and important places. These dogs are so great dogs because of their iffy nature. They are loyal only to one person and they don’t trust anyone else. These dogs will never harm their owner or people who owner respect, but they can get pretty mad when some strangers comes too close.

German Shepherd dogs are well known guards. Originally these dogs were used as herding dogs, so they have great guarding abilities, beside they are very smart and intelligent. They understand very well in which situation they should attack and in which should not. They can be a great friend for a family, but get aggressive when someone attacks or endanger them or their owners.

Akita is less popular dog breed, but it is very intelligent. Actually it is one of the smartest dog breeds, but it is also considered as quite aggressive breed. People don’t often choose these dogs exactly for this reason. They think these dogs are only appropriate for guarding not as a friend, but it is not true. These dogs can consider when there is need to be protective and when not, beside it all depends on how you teach the dog. If there will be people around the dog since he is a puppy. He won’t grow up too protective.

And the best guards are Giant Schnauzers. Unfortunately, these dogs really are quite overprotective and should be used only as home guards. They look cute and friendly, but never go too close to these dogs if they are not familiar with you. They bark very loud and also can bite you very strongly. They wont be the best friends, bet be sure they will be great guards and no stranger will go even close to your home.

These are the dog breeds whose characteristics are appropriate four guarding and protecting anything of value to you. Of course, lot of things depends on training and treating. If you will teach your dog how to tell in which situation there is need to be aggressive and in which not, every breed can be used as guard and as friend at the same time.