Dealing with summer heat: How to help your dog to feel comfortable during summer?

In summer, the air can heat up to 30 C and it can get quite unpleasant not only for humans, but also for our furry friends – dogs. If humans can just wear something breezier, use ear conditioning and have a nice cool drink, then dogs don’t have so much options, unless we are not helping them. To make your dog feel comfortable even at the hottest days, use the following methods (taken from billigste kviklån fra

Take care of dog’s coat

Although the dog’s fur has a great thermoregulation, it needs some care to ensure that. Only if the coat is clean and tidy, the fur will help the dog to feel cool and won’t cause any problems. That is why you need to brush out extra fluff and give your dog a cut if it necessary. Some breeds need regular cuts, otherwise the fur will get dirty and matted. Just don’t shave off the fur for dogs with long, thick. tidy coats. You might think that it is a good idea, but the coat protects the dog from sunburns. If the coat looks good, it doesn’t need a cut. Better consult with wet before doing any fur cutting or shaving.

Ensure your dog can have a nice swim

Dogs, just like humans, like to have some swim or splash during the hot summer days. It is not recommended to let dogs in lakes or rivers, unless you know your dog is a great swimmer, but you should give your dog an opportunity to get wet. If you have a yard, you can put there a small kids pool or just a bowl with water. Also let your dog to run around sprinklers. If your dog lives in an apartment , give it a nice, cold shower at least once a day.

Keep your dog hydrated

The most important thing is to make sure your dog always has a bowl of water. In a hot summer day, even a small dog, can drink few liters of water. If you can’t ensure regular fill up, buy a bigger bowl, because your dog really need that water to drink Sammenligne sms lån nu. Dogs can have a heat stroke or dehydration if there is not enough of water supplied. You can also add some ice cubes to the drinking water, to make sure your dog always gets fresh, cool water.

Use a cooling collar

There is such thing as cooling collar invented as well. It is a plastic collar filled with cooling gel that can get cooled by putting it into a freezer. The collar won’t freeze up, but it will be nice and cool for some time. The dog will feel chilled and you won’t have to worry so much about your dog feeling hot.