How to deal with separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is very common dog problem. Dogs need attention and affection, if they can’t have it, they start to act inappropriate. It can cause some serious problems and can damage the bound between the pet and its owner. Also, neighbors and other people who are linked with this problem might be unsatisfied and in many cases, owner needs to give the dog away creditos inmediatos. The good news is that, it is possible to deal with this problem, but the owner needs to understand the root of the problem and take some actions while it is not too late.
How to know if your dog has separation anxiety?

First the owner must know either the dog has separation anxiety or he just have some behavioral problems. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety usually bark, whine, howl, chew things and do other inappropriate things when they are left alone. These things happen not only when the owner has left home, but also when the owner is not able to give the dog attention that he needs. If dog is acting like that all the time, it is not separation anxiety, but rather behavioral problems which can be fixed by some trainings. Also, if dog is doing just one of the things mentioned, that can point out to some health issues. For example, chewing things might men dog gave some teeth or gum problems. In, short, you can know for sure, your dog has separation anxiety if he acts a lot differently when you are not home or when you are not paying attention to him.

Why dogs have this problem?

Next step to solving the problem is understanding, why that is happening? Dogs with separation anxiety are usually extremely attached to their owners. They feel very lonely when no one is playing with them or paying some attention to them. It all happens just because dog needs some company. Dogs are public entities and they just can’t feel god when there is no one around. That means simple trainings won’t give any results. It is psychological problem, so it must be solved with other methods

How to deal with separation anxiety?

The separation anxiety is usually causing a lot of problems, so this is the question many dog owners are asking. One of the option is to place a dog in a day care. That is what most of the dog owners are trying to do – find someone who will play with de dog while owner is gone. On one hand, that really is a quick solution, but on the other hand it only causes some more problems. That way dog gets used to the idea that there is always someone with him and the separation anxiety will only increase. That means you will always need someone who watches after your dog. Otherwise he will act crazy every time no one is home.

The correct way, how to deal with this problem is making the dog used to being alone. Dog owners usually don’t go this way, because it means some trouble at the beginning. The dog won’t get used to being alone in one day. In fact, that might even take many months, but at least after that you will be able to leave your dog alone any time, with no problem. To make this process easier, at the beginning you can leave some toys for your dog, so he wouldn’t chew other stuff. Also, you can create separate area for your dog, so he wouldn’t cause so much trouble. Also, reward your dog for good, calm behavior. If you come home and see that your dog has been acting good, give him a snack.

Dogs are very smart, they just need some affection just like all of us. If you sometimes can’t give that to your dog, make him understand that you will do it as soon as you can. Paly with your dog when you have time for that and make him, but also make him understand that such a bad behavior is not acceptable.

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