How to deal with common behavioral problems in dogs?

Every dog can have some behavioral problems. That doesn’t mean your dog is bad or that you are a bad dog owner, it just means you have missed some training. In most cases all the behavioral problems can be prevented with simple extra training. Here is a list of most common behavioral problems in dogs and ways how to prevent them.

The first problem is jumping. Actually with jumping dogs show how excited they are and it is the way how they greet their owners and other people. So dogs doesn’t mean anything bad with that, but the problem is that jumping might be very unpleasant in many situations. For example, no one wants to hug a dog with dirty feet beside dogs can harm people this way. If your dog also like to greet you this way, show that you don’t like it. Cross your and say “no”. Your dog should get it after few times. If you doesn’t want your dog to feel bad, you can pet him when he has calmed down.

Another quite common problem is not coming when dog is being called. Recall is the basic command every dog should know and listen to. Even those dogs who have never had any special training, usually now this command. If your dog is not recalling there might be different reasons for that. Maybe your dog is having some hearing problems. So if this problem has started suddenly, take your dog to the vet. If your dogs hearing is fine, it is behavioral problem. Your dog is interested in something else, so he just doesn’t come to you, although he hears you calling and knows what you want. It is hard to prevent this problem without getting harsh, so better see professional dog trainer. The trainer will find a good solution without getting violent.

Lot of dogs don’t want to follow the leash as well. Also following the leash is basic thing every dog should be aware of, because in populated place every dog must walk on a loose to not endanger people and other animals. Walking a dog that doesn’t want to follow can be very hard, but the good thing is that every dog can be easily taught to do it. Just keep the loose strong in your hands ad pull the dog a bit if he’s walking in wrong direction. Jut make sure you are gentle and don’t harm your dog. Choose shorter leash so it would be easier to control the dog.

And the last thing is separation anxiety. Just like the jumping, also separation anxiety actually is way of dealing with the emotions. It just means dog is missing the owner. That might even seem as a good thing, but the problem is that separation anxiety can lead to all kind of damages. Dog feels bad so he starts to bite the furniture and rive everything he sees. Some dogs even run away. There can be lot of negative consequences to that. Unfortunately even professional dog trainers haven’t figure out how to deal with this problem. Most common method for now is lot of activities so dog can expand all the energy by doing other things.

There are also other behavioral problems that dog owners might need to deal with. No matter why these problems are caused, you must need to make your dog understand that you doesn’t like it and that he should change that. If there is no recall, better use a help from professional dog trainer.