Behavioral myths about dogs

Dog owners how are not familiar with dog psychology, often assume that dogs behave just like humans or base their assumptions on some stereotypes. They think they know how the dog feels and what his behavior means, although these assumptions is usually wrong imprumut rapid. Dogs express themselves differently, so there are many common behavioral myths created.

Many dog owners think that dogs feel guilt if they have done something bad. Actually dog’s can’t understand what is bad and what is not. For example, if your dog chews the ball, the owner doesn’t consider it as something bad, but if he chews owners shoe, it is bad credit rapid fara acte. The dog can’t separate these situations, so he can’t feel guilt for destroying owners stuff. The sad face that dog makes, when you look at him is the reaction of your body language. Dog understands that you are mad at him, but he doesn’t understand why.

Typical myth is that adult shelter dogs are usually unmannerly and even aggressive, because they come from the streets or from other negative environment and it is impossible to train them anymore. It is more than just wrong. Just because the life of the dog has not been great so far, doesn’t men he will have some behavioral problems. Dogs unlike people are not vindictive, beside it is possible to retrain the dog if you dedicate some time to do that.

Lot of people also think that behavior of the dog depends only on breed. For example, they think that all the Bull Terriers will be aggressive end Saint Bernard’s will be calm and friendly. That is not true, mostly the behavior of the dogs depends on training and treatment. Any dog breed can be aggressive and any can be friendly as well if you treat them well.

Dog owners usually assume that they are bad just because they dogs are not communicative. They think that each dog must be friendly and socialize with people and other dogs and if they are not doing that, the dog feels sad and miserable. That is not true. Some dogs are calm because of their genetics and also lack of similar experience. If dog lives inside the house most of the time and hoes out only in the yard, he is not familiar with anyone, so they feel shy. That doesn’t means dog is not happy and satisfied.

The last common myth is that dogs are trying to show they are superior, when they don’t listen to you. Dogs are smart, but they doesn’t have complex emotions like people have. If dog is not listening and following your demands, he probably just doesn’t understand what you want or doesn’t have a motivation to listen to you. That only means your dog needs some extra training.

Every dog owner should know how their dogs really feel, but unfortunately it is not always possible. If you don’t understand your dog’s behavior, better take him to professional dog trainer not just make some stereotype based assumptions.