How to deal with separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is very common dog problem. Dogs need attention and affection, if they can’t have it, they start to act inappropriate. It can cause some serious problems and can damage the bound between the pet and its owner. Also, neighbors and other people who are linked with this problem might be unsatisfied and in many cases, owner needs to give the dog away. The good news is that, it is possible to deal with this problem, but the owner needs to understand the root of the problem and take some actions while it is not too late.

How to know if your dog has separation anxiety?

First the owner must know either the dog has separation anxiety or he just have some behavioral problems. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety usually bark, whine, howl, chew things and do other inappropriate things when they are left alone. These things happen not only when the owner has left home, but also when the owner is not able to give the dog attention that he needs. If dog is acting like that all the time, it is not separation anxiety, but rather behavioral problems which can be fixed by some trainings. Also, if dog is doing just one of the things mentioned, that can point out to some health issues. For example, chewing things might men dog gave some teeth or gum problems. In, short, you can know for sure, your dog has separation anxiety if he acts a lot differently when you are not home or when you are not paying attention to him.

Why dogs have this problem?

Next step to solving the problem is understanding, why that is happening? Dogs with separation anxiety are usually extremely attached to their owners. They feel very lonely when no one is playing with them or paying some attention to them. It all happens just because dog needs some company. Dogs are public entities and they just can’t feel god when there is no one around. That means simple trainings won’t give any results. It is psychological problem, so it must be solved with other methods.

How to deal with separation anxiety?

The separation anxiety is usually causing a lot of problems, so this is the question many dog owners are asking. One of the option is to place a dog in a day care. That is what most of the dog owners are trying to do – find someone who will play with de dog while owner is gone. On one hand, that really is a quick solution, but on the other hand it only causes some more problems. That way dog gets used to the idea that there is always someone with him and the separation anxiety will only increase. That means you will always need someone who watches after your dog. Otherwise he will act crazy every time no one is home.

The correct way, how to deal with this problem is making the dog used to being alone. Dog owners usually don’t go this way, because it means some trouble at the beginning. The dog won’t get used to being alone in one day. In fact, that might even take many months, but at least after that you will be able to leave your dog alone any time, with no problem. To make this process easier, at the beginning you can leave some toys for your dog, so he wouldn’t chew other stuff. Also, you can create separate area for your dog, so he wouldn’t cause so much trouble. Also, reward your dog for good, calm behavior. If you come home and see that your dog has been acting good, give him a snack.

Dogs are very smart, they just need some affection just like all of us. If you sometimes can’t give that to your dog, make him understand that you will do it as soon as you can. Paly with your dog when you have time for that and make him, but also make him understand that such a bad behavior is not acceptable.

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Preventative health care for dogs

Dogs can have different diseases and health problems just like human. Most of these health problems can be prevented if dog owner takes care of his pet regally. There are many different procedures dog owner should know about and provide to his dog. Here are some of the most important preventative health care procedures every dog owner should be aware of.

1. Regular health checks from the vet

Most of the health problems, for example, låne penger, only vet can diagnose, so make sure you take your dog to the vet regularly. Defiantly take your dog to the vet when you adopt him, so the vet could tell either he has some genetical diseases or not. If your dog has some issues, the vet will create a treatment plan and then there will be a need to take the dog to the vet a lot more often, but if everything is fine, you should do it at least once a year. Dogs are aging a lot faster than humans, so also diseases progress faster. Better make sure your dog is healthy, because for neglected diseases the treatment might be very unpleasant and expensive.

2. Be aware of typical problems for the specific breed

Each breed has different health issues. For example, flat nosed dogs such as pugs usually have upper respiratory tract infections and lån på dagen. Deep chested dogs can have some weight problems. Hairy, fuzzy dogs can have skin problems and skin parasites. If you will be aware of problems for your breed, you will know to what you should pay more attention. Also, your vet can help you to figure out what are potential health problems for your breed and how to successfully prevent them.

3. Vaccination

Every dog must be vaccinated. The most important vaccines such as vaccine against rabies is an obligation in most countries, but many vaccines are owners’ free choice. Usually puppies need to be vaccinated at 6-8 weeks, and again at 10-12 weeks. After that there are annual vaccines. Actually, owner just need to take the dog to the vet and he will tell what kind of vaccines are available and what might be the complications from them. Then owner can decide whether he wants to get his dog vaccinated or not.

4. Prevarication of internal parasites

Each and every dog can have internal parasites. It doesn’t matter how often you wash him and what kind of food you give him, there is still possibility to get worms if you haven’t done any prevarication. You should first give your dog pills against internal parasites when he’s about 2 weeks old and that should be done fortnightly until 12 weeks. Than for half a year that should be done once in a month and then every 3 months. There is also annual injection available, but that will not work for all the parasites.

5. Prevarication of fleas and ticks

Also, fleas, forbrukslån, and ticks are very common problems for dogs. All the dogs need to go out where these parasites live and the fur of the dog is the best place for them to live. Luckily, there are many methods how to prevent this problem. One of the most common is collars which protect the animals against external parasites. Also there are many insecticides available that put off the parasites, but doesn’t do any harm to you or your dog.

Signs that you need to hire a dog trainer

Many dog owners don’t even know that their dogs are having some serious behavioral issues that can be solved only by taking them to a professional dog trainer. It is nothing bad or unacceptable, but these problems can’t be ignored, because it is almost impossible laen to solve them without special knowledge and experience. Here are some of the most typical signs that your dog needs a help from a professional dog trainer.

Growling is a thing that many dogs do. If it doesn’t go further than that, dog owners just accept it as natural sign of defense, but actually it might be the first sign of aggression, which means sooner or later the dog might even bite or show other, more serious signs of aggression. If your dog is growling or nipping, take him to the dog trainer as soon as possible. The dog trainer will be able to tell is it an early sign of aggression that might progress or just a natural habit. If it is sign of aggression, you will need a further training course to prevent it.

Escaping is another serious problem that many dog owners don’t really consider as something extraordinary, but it might lead to serious problems for both, your dog, and other people or animals. It really is natural instinct that most of the dogs have, but it still must be exceeded. If your dog escapes from home, he can run on the street or hurt himself in other ways. Also the dog can get scared and attack to other people or other dogs. The natural instincts are hard to exterminate, so only dog trainer will be able to do something about it.

Pulling on leash is a thing that most of the dogs do when they are young and not used to that, but if the dog keeps doing that for years, it might be more serious problem than just stupefaction. First of all, it can cause problems by itself as you are not able to control your dog during the walk and he can attack or escape, but also it can turn into an overall willingness to control you all the time. Owner must be the one who controls the dog, not opposite sms laen. Make sure things are how they are supposed to be and see a trainer.

All these behavioral problems seem minor and usually are ignored, but they can turn into something lot more serious in a short period of time. In best case the dog owners try to prevent them by themselves, but if they don’t fully understand the problem and its causes, there is a really small chance the owner will be able to do something about it. Even more – it can lead to more serious problems, because of wrong training methods. If you see any of these signs in your dog, better see the professional dog trainer to make sure your dog won’t have any serious problems in the future.

Dog breeds that are easy to train

All dogs are great pets, but they are not all the same when it comes to character and training. Some dog breeds are easier to train than others. Those people who love dogs låna pengar snabbt, but who don’t have that much time for training should choose a dog breeds that are easy to train. Here are some of de dog breeds that won’t give you hard times.

Poodles are mostly considered as funny, cheerful lap dogs, but actually they are incredibly smart and intelligent. All kind of poodles can learn tricks and commands very quickly and in most cases they are very obedient. If you put in some efforts at the very beginning, you will be able to have a well trained dog that will listen to you.

Golden Retriever is a dog breed that is not the most intelligent one, but it is endowed with irresistible urge to obey the owner. They might not be able to fallow the most complicated commands and do amazing tricks, but they will definitely be obedient and will follow the most necessary commands every time. Also Golden Retrievers are the most loyal pets you could ever imagine. They will forgive all the owner’s mistakes and will be the best friends.

Collies are very easy to train, because they were originally bred to be herding dogs. They are incredibly intelligent and can follow almost any commands. Also they can be independent workers, so owner’s can even leave them alone for longer time and they won’t do anything that is not allowed. Collies also are not too energetic. They are very calm and peaceful, so owners can be sure these dogs won’t make any trouble and won’t give hard times.

German Shepherds are well known for their abilities from many movies. Actually, these dogs really are smart also in real life. There is no wonder German Shepherds work at police and other institutions. These dogs can learn very complicated commands and sometimes it is even hard to believe what these dogs can do. This breed needs daily activities and German Shepherds are very active, but if we talk about training, than these are the smartest dogs ever and you won’t need to dedicate a lot of time for that, unless you are willing to teach very complicated commands.

Papillon is a lapdog that almost looks like a toy, but despite that they are very smart. Most of the lap dogs are stubborn and with difficult characteristics, but not Papillons låna pengar utan ränta. They really enjoy learning so training process for these dogs really is not difficult. They are the most intelligent small dogs.

Corgis also are small dogs that are incredibly clever for their size. Especially Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi are really intelligent dogs with strong will. These dogs were bred as herding dogs so they can fallow the commands and do all kind of tasks by them own, but despite that they are very sweet and sensitive to the owners. Basic obedience for them is guaranteed.

How to choose a perfect dog for you?

Taking a dog itself is very responsible decision, but if you have already decided to take a dog, there will be a need to take some serious decisions also afterwards. Nowadays there are very different dog breeds available pikalaina and also each dog have some individual characteristics. You must find a dog that will be a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Here are some advice how to make this responsible decision.

First you must choose dog breed pikavippi ilman luottotietoja. Each dog breed have different characteristics. It doesn’t only refers to pure breed dogs, but to each and every dog. If dog has mixed breed you must evaluate the dogs parents’ breeds characteristics. As the list of dog breeds is very long, it won’t be possible to describe them all in one article, but there is loud of information available from many different sources. Just choose the breeds that you like and search for their characteristics, needs, treatment, relationship with humans and other animals and other aspects. If that all seems suitable for you than you have found your perfect breed, but that is not all.

The next thing you should be aware of is the age of the dog. Many people wants to take puppies, because they are lovely and cute, beside you can teach them everything by yourself. On one hand it’s a good thing, because you can make sure the dog is having some serious training and he will grow up decent and obedient, but you have to be ready to dedicate a lot of time for that. Puppies asks for lot more attention than grown up dogs. If you don’t have too much time for raising and training a dog, it would be a better choice to take older dog. You can be sure that older dogs also will be more calm and there wont be a need to watch him all the time.

When you have clear vision about your dogs’ breed and age, you must see different dogs in life. Like it was mentioned before, each dog is a little bit different if they have one breed and the same age. Some dog owners even say that you will feel if the exact dog is meant for you or not. Just spend some time with different dogs and make a total decision based on your feelings. No matter if you are taking dog from an animal shelter or kennel, make sure you have a chance to meet the dog before actually adopting it.

Make sure you dedicate enough time for this decision not just take the first dog you see. All the dogs are great, but you won’t have a good relationship with your dog if his characteristics are not suitable for your lifestyle. Choose a dog that you like, but keep in mind that most important thing is dogs character.

Dog breeds that are best guards

One of the main reasons why dogs have been domesticated is because there was a need for home guard. Also nowadays dogs can be not only your friends, but also loyal home guards. Some dog breeds are very calm and friendly with everyone, but some are more aggressive with strangers minicreditos rapidos. So there are some dogs breeds which are more suitable for this task than others. Here is a short list with dog breeds that will be the best home guards.

Kuvasz is not so popular dog breed, but these dogs are really great guards. They were breed to guard livestock, so there is no wonder they can protect home as well. Although they are huge, fluffy, fuzzy and cute, they can get very protective when they are being provoked. They are also very loyal, so they can be your friends and guards at the same time.

Chow Chow is another dog breed that looks very friendly and cute, but they can be aggressive as well if someone provokes them. This dog breed is very old. It is believed that they were used as guards in ancient Asia to protect sacred and important places. These dogs are so great dogs because of their iffy nature. They are loyal only to one person and they don’t trust anyone else. These dogs will never harm their owner or people who owner respect, but they can get pretty mad when some strangers comes too close creditos rapidos sin papeles.

German Shepherd dogs are well known guards. Originally these dogs were used as herding dogs, so they have great guarding abilities, beside they are very smart and intelligent. They understand very well in which situation they should attack and in which should not. They can be a great friend for a family, but get aggressive when someone attacks or endanger them or their owners.

Akita is less popular dog breed, but it is very intelligent. Actually it is one of the smartest dog breeds, but it is also considered as quite aggressive breed. People don’t often choose these dogs exactly for this reason. They think these dogs are only appropriate for guarding not as a friend, but it is not true. These dogs can consider when there is need to be protective and when not, beside it all depends on how you teach the dog. If there will be people around the dog since he is a puppy. He won’t grow up too protective.

And the best guards are Giant Schnauzers creditos con asnef. Unfortunately, these dogs really are quite overprotective and should be used only as home guards. They look cute and friendly, but never go too close to these dogs if they are not familiar with you. They bark very loud and also can bite. They wont be the best friends, bet be sure they will be great guards and no stranger will go even close to your home.

These are the dog breeds whose characteristics are appropriate four guarding and protecting. Of course, lot of things depends on training and treating. If you will teach your dog how to tell in which situation there is need to be aggressive and in which not, every breed can be used as guard and as friend at the same time.

Behavioral myths about dogs

Dog owners how are not familiar with dog psychology, often assume that dogs behave just like humans or base their assumptions on some stereotypes. They think they know how the dog feels and what his behavior means, although these assumptions is usually wrong imprumut rapid. Dogs express themselves differently, so there are many common behavioral myths created.

Many dog owners think that dogs feel guilt if they have done something bad. Actually dog’s can’t understand what is bad and what is not. For example, if your dog chews the ball, the owner doesn’t consider it as something bad, but if he chews owners shoe, it is bad credit rapid fara acte. The dog can’t separate these situations, so he can’t feel guilt for destroying owners stuff. The sad face that dog makes, when you look at him is the reaction of your body language. Dog understands that you are mad at him, but he doesn’t understand why.

Typical myth is that adult shelter dogs are usually unmannerly and even aggressive, because they come from the streets or from other negative environment and it is impossible to train them anymore. It is more than just wrong. Just because the life of the dog has not been great so far, doesn’t men he will have some behavioral problems. Dogs unlike people are not vindictive, beside it is possible to retrain the dog if you dedicate some time to do that.

Lot of people also think that behavior of the dog depends only on breed. For example, they think that all the Bull Terriers will be aggressive end Saint Bernard’s will be calm and friendly. That is not true, mostly the behavior of the dogs depends on training and treatment. Any dog breed can be aggressive and any can be friendly as well if you treat them well.

Dog owners usually assume that they are bad just because they dogs are not communicative. They think that each dog must be friendly and socialize with people and other dogs and if they are not doing that, the dog feels sad and miserable. That is not true. Some dogs are calm because of their genetics and also lack of similar experience. If dog lives inside the house most of the time and hoes out only in the yard, he is not familiar with anyone, so they feel shy. That doesn’t means dog is not happy and satisfied.

The last common myth is that dogs are trying to show they are superior, when they don’t listen to you. Dogs are smart, but they doesn’t have complex emotions like people have. If dog is not listening and following your demands, he probably just doesn’t understand what you want or doesn’t have a motivation to listen to you. That only means your dog needs some extra training.

Every dog owner should know how their dogs really feel, but unfortunately it is not always possible. If you don’t understand your dog’s behavior, better take him to professional dog trainer not just make some stereotype based assumptions.

Typical dog owner mistakes

Lot of people choose to adopt a dog first, and only then learn how to treat him right. On the one hand, that makes sense, because the best way how to learn something is from your own experience, but it often leads to some serious mistakes. There are some very common mistakes most of the new dog owners make.

Lot of new dog owners doesn’t train their dogs until serious behavioral problems appear. That is the main reason why so many dogs end up in a shelter. That is really sad, because it can be prevented very easily. Don must be trained from the very first day he enters the house. There must be regular straining to tech dog the basic commands. If you do that, dog won’t listen to you. He wont respond to your calls, won’t calm down when you ask to, won’t go with a leash etc. When you will realize that it is very disturbing, it will be too late for effective training.

Also very typical mistake is lack of hygienic procedures. Most of the new dog owners think that dogs can clean themselves and they don’t need to be cleaned, but that can cause some serious diseases and bad smell. Dogs need to take a bath least once in a week to remove allergens and bacteria from the skin. Also dogs teeth, ears and paws needs some special cleaning.

Very serious mistake is wrong feeding. Most of the dog owners just put some food into the dogs bowl and wait for him to eat everything. That is very wrong method. Dogs doesn’t know how much food they need, so if you put some food in the bowl for the whole day, he will probably eat everything at once. That can lead to overweight and some eating disorders. You should first talk to the vet to find out how much food is appropriate for your dog and also what kind of food he needs. Some of the dog breeds even must be fed several times in the day in specific times.

Also lack of exercises can lead to health problems. Taking dog for a few minute walk once a day is not enough. Most of the dog owners doesn’t have enough time to ensure appropriate workout for the dog. That is exactly why the decision about adopting the dog must be considered very carefully. If you take a dog, be prepared to spend at least one hour outside.

And the lat mistake is not giving enough love to the dog. Any animal needs affection from the owner. Most of the owners think that petting the dog is not an obligation but rather an entertainment, but dogs can get aggressive if they doesn’t get love. It is very important, so if you are usually in a bad mood and don’t have enough time to dedicate to a dog, better don’t adopt one in a first place.

If you have a dog, make sure you don’t make these mistakes. Although they all might seem unimportant for most of the people, they can lead to some very serious problems. Better search for some information before adopting a dog, otherwise that can turn out to be a bad experience for both you and your dog.

How to notice early aggression signs in a dog?

Aggression is natural behavior of any wild animal. As dogs are being domesticated form wild, it is normal that dogs are sometimes protective towards someone who endangers them, but sometimes this protection can lead to aggression, which however can lead to serious problems. Unfortunately many dog owners can’t recognize early signs of aggression and it can lead to extreme aggression which gets as biting, uncontrolled barking and attacking to everyone including the owner itself. If you notice any of following signs of aggression in your dog, better take him to professional dog trainer as soon as possible.

First sign is growling. Actually lot of animals are growling to keep other animals away from them and it is a sign that animal is angry and ready to attack. Growling is used for self defense. Dog owners usually consider it as a norm, because they think it is just a way how dog let everyone see he is unsatisfied wit something. Every dog owner needs to know that it is not a norm and this is a first sign that dog might actually attack and start to bite soon. If your dog is growling in any situation, take him to professional dog trainer and solve this problem in its root.

Next step in aggression is nipping. That means biting the air or biting without actual contact with someone. This definitely means that dog is ready to attack and bite if he won’t be satisfied with something. Also nipping is used for self defense, but it is more dangerous than growling, because dog might actually bite. If you have noticed that your dog is nipping, look for some professional help. Even if something like that has happened only few times, it is not a norm and you must make sure it won’t happen ever again and that it definitely won’t progress and lead to extreme aggression.

And the last sign is actual biting. In most cases biting already means that dog is aggressive and there might be no chance to change that, but in some cases it is not too late. If your dog has bite someone, look for some professional trainers. If it is just one time, you can still change your dog’s attitude. You must understand reasons for this aggression and find out what you can do to stop that. Just remember that you can’t ignore this kind of aggression. If you will just forgive it to your dog, he might repeat it over and over again until he will be so aggressive, euthanasia will be the only option.

Just take any signs of aggression very serious. Don’t consider any aggression as a norm, because in almost any case aggression becomes only stronger within time. If you will wait too long for rehabilitation, your dog might become too aggressive for society and then there will be no chance to change him anymore. Protect yourself and your dog from the worst scenario and look for professional help in case of any kind of aggression.

How to deal with common behavioral problems in dogs?

Every dog can have some behavioral problems. That doesn’t mean your dog is bad or that you are a bad dog owner, it just means you have missed some training. In most cases all the behavioral problems can be prevented with simple extra training. Here is a list of most common behavioral problems in dogs and ways how to prevent them.

The first problem is jumping. Actually with jumping dogs show how excited they are and it is the way how they greet their owners and other people. So dogs doesn’t mean anything bad with that, but the problem is that jumping might be very unpleasant in many situations. For example, no one wants to hug a dog with dirty feet beside dogs can harm people this way. If your dog also like to greet you this way, show that you don’t like it. Cross your and say “no”. Your dog should get it after few times. If you doesn’t want your dog to feel bad, you can pet him when he has calmed down.

Another quite common problem is not coming when dog is being called. Recall is the basic command every dog should know and listen to. Even those dogs who have never had any special training, usually now this command. If your dog is not recalling there might be different reasons for that. Maybe your dog is having some hearing problems. So if this problem has started suddenly, take your dog to the vet. If your dogs hearing is fine, it is behavioral problem. Your dog is interested in something else, so he just doesn’t come to you, although he hears you calling and knows what you want. It is hard to prevent this problem without getting harsh, so better see professional dog trainer. The trainer will find a good solution without getting violent.

Lot of dogs don’t want to follow the leash as well. Also following the leash is basic thing every dog should be aware of, because in populated place every dog must walk on a loose to not endanger people and other animals. Walking a dog that doesn’t want to follow can be very hard, but the good thing is that every dog can be easily taught to do it. Just keep the loose strong in your hands ad pull the dog a bit if he’s walking in wrong direction. Jut make sure you are gentle and don’t harm your dog. Choose shorter leash so it would be easier to control the dog.

And the last thing is separation anxiety. Just like the jumping, also separation anxiety actually is way of dealing with the emotions. It just means dog is missing the owner. That might even seem as a good thing, but the problem is that separation anxiety can lead to all kind of damages. Dog feels bad so he starts to bite the furniture and rive everything he sees. Some dogs even run away. There can be lot of negative consequences to that. Unfortunately even professional dog trainers haven’t figure out how to deal with this problem. Most common method for now is lot of activities so dog can expand all the energy by doing other things.

There are also other behavioral problems that dog owners might need to deal with. No matter why these problems are caused, you must need to make your dog understand that you doesn’t like it and that he should change that. If there is no recall, better use a help from professional dog trainer.